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04/18/2008 3 comments

So there's a ridiculous documentary coming out tomorrow about intelligent design. Expelled. My hope is that others will go see it for me and tell me how it is. I fear that if I go myself I may just have to slaughter everyone who laughs at Stein's (and the producers) intellectually dishonest comments and the likely misconstrued portrayals of those such as Professor Dawkins and others. I mean, the moment I saw the preview with Stein asking his teacher about how we got here in the first place, I was looking for a shotgun to shoot myself in the face with. I own no shotgun, of course, otherwise I would not be writing this rant. Sooooo, if anyone sees it, be sure to tell me how (bad) it is. I have already read Dawkins' review. Of course I didn't expect an objective account from him, but his own personal stories about what happened to him and PZ Myers at a special showing of the documentary are quite amusing…and of course how the producers have edited and/or twisted the words of scientists to make them sound ridiculous. But that should probably be expected with any documentary: or at least any documentary dealing with religion or politics. Here's Dawkins' ravaging account and review:

Lying for Jesus?

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