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Some of the biggest news in recent baseball history came out in the past week when A-rod–one of the greatest hitters in baseball history–admitted to taking steroids for three years. While I am not surprised that he took them (I suspected as much) I am surprised that he was caught and that he actually fessed up. Although I have always despised him, I respect him for coming clean. In many ways I am not the average fan who hates on all the steroid users. I understand the fact that, as A-rod said himself, such was the nature of the game back then (referring to the early part of this decade). Although we can blame all of the players for doing what they did, much blame is to be placed on the MLB officials for not addressing the issue earlier and for not implementing a system of punishment for known users. But now I am merely repeating what many people have already said. It really is just a tragic era in baseball. And not because I myself am against steriod usage but because the public at large is against it. And when the image of the MLB is ruined for the public, that can only be bad for the game. 

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