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Dust In The Wind

On September 1st, my friend and sister-in-law passed away from cancer at the age of 28. I don’t have many of my own sentiments to report. It is saddening and surreal at the same time. My sister and I both agreed that this is probably the worst thing that has happened to our family. That is both a blessing and a curse, or to put it in my own terms, good fortune and bad. Bad for the obvious reasons, but good because it probably means that my family has been able to avoid the struggles that many others have faced. I had never been to a funeral until a week ago: not for any uncle, aunt, cousin, brother, sister, parent, or even grandparent. I didn’t expect that to last very long, but I certainly never expected that streak to end with someone so young.

Here is my tribute to Lindsey. Ideally I would choose just one song but I couldn’t help myself. The first song was written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon and was recently ranked the fifth greatest Beatles song of all time by Rolling Stones Magazine. The second song was written by Dave Matthews for his sister. Here’s to you girl.

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