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Television Killed The Film Star

The past few months I have been watching television shows to no end. I used to prefer film to television but I think it’s the other way around now. Films tend to get more money for production which consequentially results in higher quality productions. They also don’t take as much dedication as television shows: you can watch a film in one to two hours whereas shows consist of entire seasons (which are usually 12 + hours long).

Those are the reasons for why I used to prefer films. But now I find the dedication that shows demand to be exceedingly rewarding. Character development and plot lines can be so much more thoroughly developed in shows than in films. I love “getting to know” the characters over a long period of time. It makes for a more enjoyable experience. The production quality of shows has also went way up in the past number of years. This is especially true of shows produced by the likes of Showtime and Starz. Most of the shows I enjoy come from those companies. Television shows on cable and the major networks suffer from content restrictions. Showtime and Starz (and others like HBO) do not. I like my shows to include some blood, profanity, and sex jokes. Not because they are preferable in and of themselves necessarily (although that may be the case with sex jokes) but because they make for a more adult-oriented experience (darker and more complex themes and characters and so on). The only current show that I regularly watch that is produced by a major network is The Office (US). Interestingly enough, it may be my favorite show ever made, although I admit that shows of different colors and stripes can be difficult to compare. My other favorites are not for the faint of heart:

Dexter: a show about a serial killer who hunts other serial kills and murderers.

Spartacus: historical epic about the trials and tribulations of, well, Spartacus and company and the events leading to the Third Servile War.

Californication: a sex comedy about a man whose romantic troubles lead him to drown himself in alcohol and sex.

Shameless: a comedy-drama about a poor Chicago suburban family that tries to survive without parental guidance or parental help of any kind.


The Implications of Atheism

Awesome Vid

08/13/2009 2 comments

In case you haven’t seen it already, here’s a video that has recently been flourishing on the internet. It’s a fake but still awesome.

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Why I Love Family Guy

07/04/2009 1 comment
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Funny short clip

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The Butterfly Effect

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What happened to Joaquin Phoenix?

02/12/2009 5 comments

Most people who keep up with such news probably already know Joaquin Phoenix announced his retirement from acting a few months back. If people were surprised by that, I think people are even more surprised with his change of personality (not to mention his change in looks). To be honest, I don’t exactly know what his personality was like before, but I don’t think he was quite like he is now. Psychologists have a field day with this stuff. My only question is: could this be nothing more than an elaborate acting experiment on his part? Probably not, but it’s possible. If you don’t know what I am talking about whatsoever, watch the following clip of Joaquin on David Letterman.

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