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Facebook Facade

10/14/2010 2 comments

I have too many Facebook friends. Not in number but in diversity. I have too many friends from too many different backgrounds who know me in such vastly different ways that I can no longer honestly and enjoyably partake in the social networking extravaganza. I own many masks and rarely do I show them all to any one person. Rarely do I even show a few. With every friend added, the limitations on what is appropriate to say become tighter and tighter. Now the box is closed so tight I can hardly say anything worth mentioning. I could join in with the “Just finished my homework” club or the “Just got back from Taco Bell” groupies and all the other one-hundred thousand unenlightening, uninteresting, yet uncontroversial bull-crap messages that people feel the need to share. Or I could just remain silent, waiting for that rare thought to seep through the many filters I am now forced to put them through. Facebook was fun once, back when the only friends I had were those that knew my darker side, those that would not be offended or surprised to hear what wretched beliefs I hold. Oh well, I guess that’s why I have this blog.

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How truly bizarre is Facebook?

Here is an hilarious video I came across the other day concerning what Facebook might be like if it were to happen on a more face-to-face level? No matter how ridiculous the video may seem, it raises some interesting questions about these vast online social networking sites–like Facebook or MySpace. Such as questions dealing with the nature of friendship: in what ways are such sites beneficial and in what ways are they determinental to one’s friendships or to one’s conception of friendship? Or with self-other perception: to what extent is our social networking self an accurate representation of our “real ” self (or our non-social networking, non-digitalized self)?

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